Build Your Plant Family – New App Feature ?

We are very excited to introduce our latest addition to the app!  We have been working hard on creating a simple way to add your plants into different areas of your ‘virtual’ home. Fine-tune our app advice and care, simplify your plant family and enjoy caring for your plants with ease. What this means exactly is:

? Add areas of your home to SmartPlant.

? We will send you advice based on where your plants are.

? Set indoor or outdoor and our reminders will adjust to your plants.

? Keep your plants organised.

? Enjoy a greener home!

For example; your Boston Fern is in your bathroom with medium light, we can tell you how often you need to water it to keep it looking fresh by taking into account its immediate environment. Even better, your plants will be a in a ordered, presentable way on your app, making it even simpler to keep on top of things! Plus you can personalise each area with your own pics!

We thought we would give you some inspiration on plants that work well in these different sections of the house, to kick-start you into making your home a plant haven.


Likely to be one of the biggest rooms in your house and maybe the lightest, this space can hold the biggest number of plants. Why not try a begonia in a low light section of your room, or a cactus or succulent in a bright area by a window.


This room will be pretty humid due to cooking, so this works well for herbs which work brilliantly on a windowsill keeping your counter tops clear for chopping and cooking! If you can hang stuff that is also great as it saves space, a trailing pothos is a goodun’ if there is indirect light.


The bathroom is the best place if you have a yen for tropical plants; this is because of the humid and warm environment. Ferns luuuurve humid conditions so your steamy bathroom is perfect condition for these guys, but also you could try philodendrons.


Your bedroom should be where you can relax, and plants are great at relieving stress and anxiety. When looking for plants, pick things that are happy in low light, and ideally be air purifying giving you a restful and refreshing sleep. Our recommendations would be a snake plant which looks great, is happy in moderate light and needs watering monthly

We hope you and your plant family have blossomed with all this time at home. Let us know if you have any feedback!


We have made a little demo vid of the process, its easy peasy, have a look below:

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