Plant Of The Month – Peperomia Perfection

Fleshy, glossy, smooth and a delightfully rich green. We have picked the Peperomia as our plant of the month for one very good reason…

We have been doing some reading into Hygge, which indirectly translates to instilling wellbeing and cosiness into your home, and we think this plant fits perfectly into our theme. 

The Danish are amongst the happiest nationalities in the world and many of them would point to hygge as the reason. Broadly speaking it is about finding simple ways to making life more enjoyable, and at a time when we are housebound for a month, getting the simple things right is pretty important. Lighting a candle, donning a warm pair of socks, imbibing a deliciously warm chocolatey drink turning on some dim lighting admiring the genial autumnal transformation of your own living room will bring you the simple satisfaction that the danish are so keen on.

With its soft, smooth, clean lines and visually uncluttered appearance these unfussy plants are, we think, well in keeping with Hygge and are sure to bring some simplistic green enjoyment into your home.

Easily confused with the Chinese money plant, the plump glossy green leaves of the peperomia make it a charming feature of any room. The peperomia is normally found in tropical temperatures and its nickname is the ‘radiator plant’, so it is the perfect plant to have indoors this winter with the heating turned up! 

The peperomia likes to be this snug…


The rich green of the raindrop shaped leaves is a really soothing sight for the eyes. Our brains are wired to find green the most relaxing colour for our eyes to see, so having this to look at whilst you are curled up is a great way to get your green fix and to feel calm.

The beautiful puddle shaped leaves and compact nature of the plant also helps one to feel calm and ordered (important when the world feels so chaotic)! 


This plant will not only add joy and a sense of calm to your interiors, but it is another great plant at removing toxins from your home keeping your air purified and fresh. It’s small compact shape means it would work great placed on your desk, to help keep the air clean and to add a pop of green to keep you motivated! 


The peperomia is the perfect pot plant as it is delightfully compact and neat. This means that with minimal effort you can keep it looking tip-top. The fleshy plump leaves of the peperomia means that this plant doesn’t need watered that often.. Only when the soil feels dry! 

We are experiencing our longest nights of the year this month and it is important that you make your living room as COSY as you possibly can, for your own sake as much as anyone else’s. 

SO this month, as you put your feet up next to the fire, light a lovely candle with your warm socks on and sip a delicious cup of Hot Chocolate, you won’t be going wrong if you have one of these beauties up on your shelf.

In fact, we can do one better. Without giving too much away we are pretty sure our next Mind Body & Soil box “Get Cosy” will bring you all of the aforementioned and be the perfect cure to the wintry lockdown blues.

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You can thank us later ?

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