Take 5 with: Willow Crossley

We were lucky enough to chat to Willow Crossley, author of The Wild Journal, about the healing impact of nature, the excitement of planting Spring bulbs and how we are all itching to redecorate our homes during lockdown!

Hi my name is Willow Crossley, I am a florist and a writer and I live in England. I am so happy to be part of your February box with my book The Wild Journal.

I wrote this book last year just as we went into lockdown and it is all about bringing nature into our lives so we can improve our emotional wellbeing. It is split into four chapters: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In each chapter there are projects and ideas and ways of bringing nature into our lives in little things you might already do without thinking about it.

They are ideas for everyone, and I think now more than ever with lockdown take 3 it’s what we all need! Little things like looking up and out, planting spring bulbs. I have bulbs everywhere, I am keen on pink jasmine and hyacinth at the moment so lots of that! I just really hope that you enjoy the book and I would love to know what you think of it! 

Spring is tantalisingly close! What should be planting to get a nice spring display 

We are sooo close to spring I can’t wait! I am filling the house with lots of bulbs at the moment rather than cut flowers.  I use lots of hyacinth, paper whites, and amaryllis. I’m doing this by removing all the soil and displaying them in big wide jars, which help to support the amaryllis as they grow. As a special treat I have treated myself to some Icelandic poppies, cream ranunculi, grape hyacinth and some red parrot tulips and mimosa – its completely clashing colours but it is very life enhancing! 

What do you like most about being a floral stylist? 

The best thing about being a florist is as I’m very impatient, I love the fact that the seasons change all the time so I get a whole new bunch of flowers to play with – and we are about to get tulip season which is so exciting!

What do plants add to an indoor space?         

Flowers and plants to me add life, they bring life and I feel a house without a plant or any natural thing just feels stagnant to me. They bring life and finish it off! 

What does self care mean to you and do you have any simple daily routines you recommend? 

Self-care to me at the moment is quite minimal – I make sure I go for a walk every single day. We have a dog so I am forced to do that anyway but its my time when the day has got more and more stressful at about four o’clock and I go out for a walk and I can just feel myself breathing again, I look up and out and I come back feeling like a new person. So a walk, a bath, glass of red wine and Netflix! 

Any top tips for DIY flower arranging? 

My tips for starting floristry would be to start small, don’t try to tackle something large! I would always suggest using seasonal, locally grown flowers , they just are so much nicer, and beautiful and so much better and great to support local!

Tools are really important, get yourself a great pair of secateurs ( I sell good ones through my website!). So top tips are seasonal, good tools, good flowers and a good vase, everyone always forgets the vase! People come home with lovely flowers and forget a vase and put them in a pint glass, so think about your tools before you begin. 

Any home comforts you just couldn’t live without? 

Cup of tea does that count? It’s my favourite thing in the whole world & first thing I have in the morning!  Also a bath and chocolate cake! 

We are collaborating with the eco friendly paint company Cornish milk. How important is it to coordinate plants and colour schemes! 

I’ve never done this before, but saying that nothing pleases me more than when I do a really beautiful colourful arrangement, and i’ve got a great wallpaper or colour to photograph them against. When it works and they work together that is just the dream! So maybe I will start thinking more about it! Lockdown is making me want to redo my whole house so watch this space! 

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