3 ways to green up your bathroom products

It is where we begin and end our day, the place that prepares us for the day ahead and allows us to unwind in the evening. We spend a huge amount of time in our bathroom and as such we feel it is important to treat it right!

In honour of it being Plastic Free July we are looking at ways of making your bathroom lovely and green not only for you but also for the planet! Our bathrooms can be bit of a hot bed for single use plastic, with stats showing that only 50% of bathroom products are recyclable (compared this to over 80% of kitchen products). 

So why not show your bathroom some green love with these easy swaps to eco-fy your space… and let us help you with our ‘So Fresh, So Green’ box.


How many bottles of half finished shampoo do you have clogging up your shower right now? We all have those plastic bottles with a squidge of shampoo left that you cant get out! Get rid of that problem and the amount of single use plastic by switching to a shampoo bar.

We are so excited to be including the hår nourishing coconut shampoo bar from our brilliant box partner grüum in this months ‘So Fresh, So Green’ box. This shampoo bar lathers up beautifully and is a great introduction to the world of plastic free shampoo!

Loo roll 

Not the most glamorous of products, but why not get loo roll that doesn’t arrive in a plastic wrap. Instead get loo roll that comes in compostable packaging. There are now so many brands to chose from, but our favourite is Eco leaf as it’s made I in the UK and comes in compostable wrapper. 

Oral care 

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, all these things are likely to be made out of single use plastic which will end up in a landfill or worse in our Oceans. So what can you do?  Swap your toothbrush for a bamboo one, try toothpaste out of a refillable jar and find floss not made of plastic .

We are so thrilled to be including the incredibly stylish and sustainable bamboo toothbrush from Truthbrush, a all female run biz started by an NHS doc and fashion buyer who create beautifully crafted toothbrushes.

Our ‘Keep It Green’ box includes some of these green product swaps from pretty great companies, and we would love for you to try them.. think of it as a starter kit to greening up your bathroom!

We are so excited about our “So Fresh, So Green” box and would love to get you introduced to these great products so here is 40% ….you can thank us when it arrives!


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