Plant Of The Month: Pothos, the rapunzel of plants

Our plant of the month, and star of our ‘So Fresh, So Green’ is the wonderful golden pothos; also know as devils ivy and Rapunzel due to its resplendent trailing leaves. 

This devilishly gorgeous plant is not only the perfect plant for new plant parent, due to its easy breezy nature, but is perfectly suited to be kept in your bathroom, helping to turn it into a that insta worthy green oasis. 


We all spend plenty of time in the bathroom, and helping transform it into a calming and soothing place to start & end the day is a good way to keep a positive mind-set. 

Plants have been proven to lower stress levels and improve mood, so keeping them in the room your first see and spend lots of time in is a great and easy way to brighten your day. 

The gorgeous bright green of the pothos will bring a pop of colour to any bathroom, and our hanging pot will mean whatever the size of your bathroom, you can make this plant a centre piece!  


We love a plant that not only looks great but also backs it up by doing great things for your body. Pothos are renowned for their amazing ability to cleanse the air, with the golden pothos rated as one of the best houseplants to remove toxins from the air. This plant sure is putting the fresh in our ‘So Fresh, So Green’ box! 


This houseplant is super star when it comes to care and is practically un-killable. She loves a bathroom due to its humidity and ability to be happy in various different light conditions Just be careful to keep away from kids and pets as it is toxic if ingested, but this shouldn’t be an issue as the trailing leaves work best kept high on a shelf or in a hanging pot! 

Here’s how to keep Rapunzel looking golden: 

 ☀️ Happy in pretty much any light condition 

?   Loves humidity, so bathroom is perfect for this. 

? Keep an eye and if her top two inches of soil is dry give her a drink! 

✂️ Dont be afraid to cut back some leaves if they are getting a bit much!

To get your hands on your very own golden pothos sign up to our July box. Alongside our star of the show we are so proud to be partnering up with grüum, pioneers in making skin care not only accessible and simple, but also kind to the planet. 

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