The Benefits Of Yoga

This month we are so excited to have our ‘Mindful Movements’ box curated by the head of yoga at Virgin Active and all around yoga queen, Charlotte Holmes. Yoga is a practice that is brilliant for not only the body but also the mind, helping to connect and harmonise them, and an addition of plants can really enhance your yoga experience. Here’s why: 


A lot of yoga is based around breathing, and how it makes your body feel when doing the various movements. Plants not only add oxygen into the air, but some plants are brilliant at removing toxins, allowing your breathing to be unfiltered and clean. Here are some of our top three favourites: 

–  Golden pothos, this gorgeous plant was in our last box and is rated top at purifying your air. 

– Weeping fig – a gorgeous plant that will add not only a big splash of green to your room but is top notch as a natural air purifier. 

– Snake plant – striking, practically un-killable, and great at removing toxins, we sure love this plant. 


Our last blog was on mindfulness, and yoga is a great way to practice this. Adding plants into your space can help when doing yoga as you have something to focus on when doing the positions, the colour of the plants are soothing whilst the stillness of them allows you to calmly and slowly move your body, looking at the various shapes and patterns they create.  If you can’t easily practice yoga in nature, then bring nature inside with a plethora of plants.


Many yoga poses are inspired by nature, with lots of positions being named after animals and even plants! This is no coincidence as animals live in perfect harmony with nature, and this is how we should aspire to be as humans – living within nature and in harmony with our earth. 

This month we are bringing you all you need to create the perfect sanctuary to practice yoga and mindfulness. Your senses will be engaged whilst a gorgeous and verdant green plant will add that all-important hit of nature to enhance your mindfulness experience, alongside this the wonderful Charlotte Holmes will be doing an exclusive mindful movements class to get you started on your mindful journey.

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