Plant Of The Month – the elegant Ficus Elastica

Our plant of the month, and star of our ‘The Perfect Blend’ box, is the ficus elastica, AKA the rubber plant.

This glossy and elegant plant is part of the fig tree family, known for their gorgeous foliage and ability to grow up to 60ft (don’t panic this one wont) ! 

This months box is about the perfect blend of coffee, café culture and community, and this plant will look right at home on a coffee table, welcoming you in to enjoy the delicious coffee from our lead partners Haven Coffee.

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This plant is not just an emerald beauty, but it also has its uses! The plant gets its name as it produces a milky sap, which is similar to rubber. Whilst it has been tested to see if it can be used commercially, the rubber we all know actually comes from a different plant, but hey we love a plant that has dual use!

Rubber plants are also thought to bring prosperity, happiness and wealth, so having this gorgeous plant in your house can help bring some energy to your home.


The glossy and gorgeous shape of the leaves, along with the dark emerald green colour is enough to spruce up any living room, but this plant also rates highly in the air-purifying category, getting rid of toxic gasses in your home including formaldehyde. This means it is adding more than it’s good looks to your space and is the perfect companion to help you enjoy your cup off coffee. 


The ficus elastica is used to tropical conditions, so a bright sunny spot with warm temps are perfect for this plant. 

☀️       Bright light 

?       Water once a week, or when the soil feels dry 

?       Loves humidity so don’t be afraid to mist on the regs! 

?       Warm conditions, keep away from drafty windows 

We cant wait to bring you this months box, alongside this gorgeous plant, and a delicious bag of coffee, we have a few other goodies to kick start your Autumn in the BEST way possible

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