The Importance of Recovery

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It’s important that we all take the time to look after ourselves after a summer filled with a renewed sense of freedom. Our October box aims to help you recover from stress and accentuate the importance of your sleep.

We all have our own necessary stresses, whether its physical, family, work or academics but it’s important that we consider how we minimalize and manage these day to day stresses we place upon ourselves. 

The definition of recovery often reverts to the simple premise of returning to a normal mental and emotional state and largely requires actively doing something that brings you peace, so if you have something that makes you feel a little bit more normal within yourself, whether it’s reading, writing, cooking or cleaning then we urge you to actively seek out any time you can to participate in what brings you peace. 

Whatever your relaxation may look like it is important to surround yourself with an environment to match and plants are renowned for supplying a relaxed environment to wind down in. 

Our innate fight or flight response is controlled by our sympathetic nervous system and controls our levels of adrenaline produced which is what we would describe as stress. Plants in general or more specifically caring for plants helps suppress this system which in turn allows our body’s to promote more comforting and relaxing feelings thus depleting levels of anxiety while increasing attentiveness at the same time.

Ensuring your mind and body are balanced is critical. Not only should you be doing things that relax and soothe the mind, but making sure your diet and nutrient intake is balanced will ensure that your brain and body can act in harmony to help bring you back to a peaceful and balanced state. As the days draw shorter it is an important time of the year to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

The environment you choose to wind down in can become paramount to your recovery and our October “Rest & Recovery” box is bringing you a plant that actively helps you sleep along with calming products to help you bounce back after whatever life may have thrown at you.

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