A selection of seasonal plants & produce emphasising the importance of self-care through plant care, delivered to your doorstep for just £29.99 per month.

Free to sign up, payment taken on delivery day. Cancel anytime.

At the end of every month you will receive your bundle. Inside you will find everything you need to grow personally and find your moment of calm. Our boxes will teach you what you should be doing & when through curated plants, candles, tea, wellness products, books and more…


Too busy for a time out?

Plants reduce stress and give you a moment to yourself. Our plant-centric bundles allow you to learn about caring for yourself as well as for plants. We will give you everything you need to introduce new practices into your day-to-day.


Does your body need a boost?

Nourish your body with artisan British products handpicked by us to complement your plants and you. Never gimmicky, always in harmony with the seasons and occasionally delicious.


Plant FOMO? Green with envy?

Get a beautiful new plant every month with an easy guide on how to care for it. Our plants aren’t complicated. Learn the basics and green up your home with simple, beautiful plants and everything you need to look after them.

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What can you expect?

Meaningful year-round plants & never too many of them.

Our packs are a curated collection of plants with relevant produce and goodies. We give you everything you need, little gifts and complementary digital packs teaching you about the monthly theme. We will not flood you with plants you might not love.

Always everything you need, for any home.

Our bundles are designed to fit snugly into any home or blend in beautifully into your garden; whether you have a flat, garden, balcony, windowsill or just a bedside table. You will never need to buy anything in addition to our bundles to enjoy them, we promise.

Freshness & great value.

We select what goes in our packs very carefully by working with independent UK growers and businesses. Only quality seasonal plants, ethically sourced and sustainable packaging is a must, and each box will always be worth more than £29.99!

Free delivery, cancel any time.

We are pretty sure you will love our plant bundles…and delivery is included in our prices. You can cancel at any time, no strings attached.

Find out what you have missed! Our subscription brings you fresh monthly treats for your mind, body & soil. No box is the same and they are always loaded with goodies. We can't send out past boxes but we can assure you the next one is going to be great.

September Box

September never felt sweeter… Along with a stunning Banana Plant (she’s called Bea) this box had a culinary focus, bringing you a delectable Banana Bread recipe along with some Salted Caramel Chocolate, Beeswax Wraps for sustainable food storage, a notepad to support our partner Horatio’s Garden PLUS some rare artisan flour for baking….YUM!

August Box

To complement the summer heatwave we put together a bundle that is sure to soothe and calm. We LOVED this box, inside we had: A juicy Aloe vera plant in a charming Burgon & Ball pot, some moisturising hand cream infused with aloe, some vegan Aloe lip balm and to top it all off a soothing candle. Trust us, it was great.

July Box

Our Tea Time parcel was designed to bring a moment of relaxation and teach you about the tea making process, and yes…brew your own, homegrown, tea. The box featured a Cornish tea plant, a Chamomile plant, soothing Chamomile soap, your own tea infuser, some Cornish Chamomile tea bags & some healing chamomile oil.

Don't miss out on our next box!

“I got my first box this week and it was a real treat and I loved it. I have repotted the plants to give them room to grow and am loving the tea and soap. 

The whole thing made my day – work is so hard at the moment and treats out of the blue are few and far between so I am grateful for the box and cant wait till the next one!

Ais R.


“First box arrived promptly and was opened with great excitement!

It was like dipping into a tombola! Loved the soap, oil, teabags and loose leaf teaholder. Found the info leaflet very helpful but my favourite was the hand written note. Looking forward to the next month!”


Sandra P.


“I am a novice and its lovely to learn plant care one plant at a time (and get some planty goodies while you are at it).”



“Genuinely didn’t quite know what to expect but loved the concept and had purchase plants from them in Covid. Risk worth taking, loved the first box. So many surprises!”

Jane B.


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