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The Mind, Body & Soil Subscription

A monthly box of seasonal planty delights that will educate and inspire you and your household.

We know better than anyone how complicated plants can be. We want to send you a beautiful bundle of British grown plants (and maybe a few seasonal surprises) so that you can learn what to do with your plants, and when. All for just £29.99 per month 😍


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Mind, Body & Soil Subscription

£29.99 on the 20th of each month

NHS Donation

5% for every order.

Delivery Frequency

Once a month

Bundle Type

We promise quality seasonal plants or cut flowers for inside or outside your home

How Does it Work?

British-grown seasonal selection.

We work with our dedicated British growers and nurseries to pull together a bespoke selection of planty delights every month. 

Delivered to your doorstep.

Our bundles will arrive through contact-free delivery on your doorstep once a month.

Help is at the ready.

Subscribers receive FREE premium membership to the SmartPlant app worth £11.99 a year giving you free monthly care reminders and advice.

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Whats in our bundles? Here are some examples:

The Pollinator Parcel

Learn when and how you can to help our little pollinator friends. A selection of pollinator friendly plants and some delicious pollinator produce to get you inspired.


Yearning for that herb garden that just keeps giving? We’ll set you up with herbs throughout the year so you can enjoy homegrown goodness.

The Tea Bundle

Bring the Outdoors In

Missing that summer sun? We’ll teach you how to fill your home with green goodness over autumn and winter so that you can create your own plant paradise.

Our Promise

Any Home Will Do.

Whether you have a garden, flat, balcony or just a window, our bundles are designed for any household.

No Plant Overloads

We aim to teach you what to do when, we will never send you too many plants.

Everything You Need

You will never need to buy anything in addition to our bundles to enjoy them.

Subscription not for you? Try one of our plant bundles:

Buy Plants, Help UK Growers & Our NHS.

COVID-19 may make millions of plants homeless. Give plants a home. Support our Great British Growers and our NHS Heroes 😍

COVID-19 has closed all garden centres and there are now millions of plants and nowhere to sell them. We have created a way for you to buy direct from our growers and donate 10% of every purchase to the NHS.