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The Fresh Fern Bundle (20 x 9 cm plants)


NHS Donation



9cm pots (£1.80 per plant with delivery 😎)



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Great for your bathroom, loves humid conditions.

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What You Get:

We have got the goods with this superb collection of Ferns and Grasses that come in a symphony of different shades of green. With 3 different grasses in each bundle, they can either be planted in the garden or patio to add some va va voom. Alternatively, they would be brilliant in a bathroom, adding some vibrant greenery and nature into your home! Ferns are perfect indoor plants as they love shade and humidity (making them great plants for a bathroom)…  So why not go for it and make your garden or home an oasis in green?

Plants included in bundle: (Ferns) Athyrium Metallicum, Polystichum Munitum, Osmunda Regalis, Cyrtomium Fortunei, Dryopteris, Angustata Cristata, Polypodium Vulgare, Dryopteris Filix Mas (Grasses) Carax Everillo, Carex Evergold, Carex Everlite. For care instructions look them up in our app and add them to your collection!

The bundle contains plants that would have otherwise gone to waste.  This bundle is the perfect combination of brilliant plants that will look great inside or outside, whilst also helping our UK growers and giving back to our brilliant health heroes.

Delivery Info:

Shipping is included and our partners will try and get you your plants as soon as they can, please be patient as they are working round the clock. You can make direct contact with our suppliers once the order has been processed.

Buy Plants, Help UK Growers & Our NHS.

COVID-19 may make millions of plants homeless. Give plants a home. Support our Great British Growers and our NHS Heroes 😍

COVID-19 has closed all garden centres and there are now millions of plants and nowhere to sell them. We have created a way for you to buy direct from our growers and donate 10% of every purchase to the NHS.