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Vitax Multi-Purpose Compost - 56L


NHS Donation



56 Litre



Good For

Seeds, mature and young bed plants, beds & boxes

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What You Get:

Treat your plants to the compost they deserve with this premium mixed 56L bag. This is a crackin’ all rounder and is perfect for sowing seeds , mature and young plants, beds and boxes. Containing Vitax Q4 fertiliser this will give your plants all the essential nutrients they need ensuring your plants have healthy roots and an abundance of flowers or fruit. You wouldn’t skimp on the quality of your plants so why your compost?

Delivery Info:

Shipping is included and our partners will try and get you your plants as soon as they can, please be patient as they are working round the clock. You can make direct contact with our suppliers once the order has been processed.

Buy Plants, Help UK Growers & Our NHS.

COVID-19 may make millions of plants homeless. Give plants a home. Support our Great British Growers and our NHS Heroes 😍

COVID-19 has closed all garden centres and there are now millions of plants and nowhere to sell them. We have created a way for you to buy direct from our growers and donate 10% of every purchase to the NHS.