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Covid- 19 #Greenrelief – SmartPlant

Covid- 19 #Greenrelief

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Gardening, plants and nature are great to turn to in times of stress as they are the perfect stress busters. Amazingly we have over 150 NHS staff members on our app and we wanted a way to show our appreciation for the work they are doing by offering them free premium membership for life.

However we want to do more and so we are asking you guys to tag or send in the names of other key workers who enjoy or are interested in gardening/ all things green, so that we can offer the same for them.

Whilst this is not something that they may have time to use now, we hope that it will bring them pleasure and enjoyment when this crisis is over , giving them some #greenrelief.

We would like to continue to show our support in this small way, so please get involved to help us do this by getting in touch via our instagram or by emailing us at

We have had an incredible response so far from both NHS staff and key workers, either being nominated or writing in to receive their membership, so please keep them coming!

”He spends most of his time out of work in the garden and this premium membership would make his day”

A nominated key-worker