WFH Tips From The Team

As we face up to another stint of working from home we thought we would share some of the teams tips for keeping yourself happy, healthy and invigorated while you are working at home.

As we gathered the teams thoughts, one thing was clear…do not work the whole time! It is far too easy to sit down at 9am and not move till 6pm except for a cuppa and some lunch.

George – Meditate

Meditation can be daunting. I for one had never tried it or been told how to until the beginning of this year.

Here are the best tricks I have learnt:

? Breathing – Breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds and then breathe out for four seconds.

? Thinking – People think you are doing it wrong if you have thoughts. Your mind is a busy place and it’s okay to have random thoughts appear, the trick is to let them pass. Give them a wave as they appear and then let them keep moving, you want to find the space between your thoughts and hold it there!

⏰ Timing – Set a timer on your phone. It could be as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour. Maybe build up to an hour…it may seem like an age but when was the last time you didn’t do anything for a whole hour? You will find it rewarding and unbelievably relaxing.

We did a guided meditation with Mala with one of our boxes…you can watch it free here!

Jonah – Water your plants

No doubt you are doing this anyway but doing it consciously and getting up and about when you are on the phone helps you take pleasure in caring for your plants and can have a profound effect on your outlook. Soak up the satisfaction in seeing a new leaf unfold, or giving your plants a trim to keep them looking luscious.

If you are anything like us your home looks a little like the amazon rainforest and making sure you keep your plants healthy and happy has been proven to:

??‍♀️ Reduce anxiety.

? Increase attentiveness and memory.

? Increases productivity.

? Reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

⚡️Sparks creativity.

George – Get Dressed Properly!

Yes, you may only be seeing people on Zoom but I have found that putting on clothes you like helps you feel good about the day and makes you feel like you are doing a proper working day. Rolling out of bed and popping on your tracksuit bottoms just doesn’t hit the mark.

Chuck on your smart, freshly ironed shirt or favourite jumper and enjoy that feeling of looking your best.

Jack – Get Out There

Whether its a run, a walk or even popping out to get some milk. Breaking up your day is unbelievably important and harder than it sounds. I find that getting outside before the working day begins helps you separate your working day from your non-working day.

Walking is cardiovascular exercise, gets your endorphins going, is proven to make you happier and gives you time and space to reflect on your work and your personal life. If you can get out into some green too…trees definitely make us all happy!

Giorgia – Take A Nap

Whilst this not be to your bosses satisfaction, the chances are you are actually working longer hours than you ever have been. Half of us have been show to be working for longer, and 25% were shown to be working an extra 10 hours a week.

Listening to your body is important, and if you feel tired you are in the perfect place to take 30 minutes to have a rest (just try not to miss any meetings!)

No doubt you have all got your own routines and tricks for keeping yourself grounded at home, but it’s never a bad time to try something new.

We endeavour to put a little boost in each of our Mind, Body & Soil boxes, whether its a free meditation class, yoga class, painting, pottery or even just some unique information about your new plant. Our boxes are a surefire way to boost your brain and body and keep you happy and motivated at home.

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