Plant of The Month: Bernie The Boston Fern

Our plant of the month and centre of the Field to Fork’ box is a Boston Fern. 

This luxuriant green plant with beautiful foliage has been recommended by NASA as one of the best indoor air purifying plants!

A Boston Fern symbolises sincerity and according to old folk tales it’s a sign that there are fairy’s living nearby. 

This month’s box is all about eating fresh, homegrown and local produce, boosting your health and wellbeing while helping the environment at the same time. This plant will look right at home in your kitchen or bathroom, welcoming you to enjoy the delicious recipes and live class from our curator Huw Richards. 


Boston ferns increase concentration and productivity. Research has shown that people perform up to 15% better at attention-based tasks when surrounded by plants. As they help relieve stress and anxiety, they go hand in hand with our Scentered lavender balm which has been proven to lower heart rate and improve sleep!


Boost your mood in winter. When the days are getting shorter and darker it can be a hard time to stay upbeat. A Boston Fern is the perfect way to boost your mood in these cold, dark months. Sat by your warm bath on a Sunday afternoon Bernie will purify the air and feeding himself at the same time! 


? A Boston fern is used to tropical conditions, so a humid spot with indirect light is perfect for this plant. 

? High humidity so don’t be afraid to mist on the regular!

☀️ Indirect light 

? Soil remains damp so it doesn’t dry out

❄️ Additional humidity in winter (as it’s getting chilly now)

This months box includes Bernie the Boston fern along with a mouthwatering array of culinary treats curated by allotmenteer Huw Richards. You will love it, plus you can get 50% off this months box by pressing the button below, thats just £14.99!

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