Easy plants for beginners

With lots of people working from home, this is a prime time to dive in to the world of plants.

Horticulture has long been heralded for its health benefits, both physical and mental. Everyone knows that being outside is good for the soul, so tending to your garden is a great way to de-stress from everyday life and help focus your mind on something wildly different.

Not everyone has a garden but indoor plants provide the same benefits. Not only do they brighten up interiors, making a room instantly look colourful and vibrant, but they also have very important health benefits, making it easier to breathe and removing toxins from the air.

Below are ideas for some plants that are great for people that are new to planting. They are easy to look after, and for more information just click on the name which will take you to the app.

The great part is that most of these can be bought at Thompson & Morgan online, and since seeds can be posted, you can get growing in your quarantined state. At the moment they have got a 4 for 3 with the cheapest packet going free so get sowing! 

Indoor plants

The easiest gateway to the plant world, houseplants are simple to buy and even simpler to look after.

House plants are proving incredibly popular.

Peace Lilly/Spathiphyllum

Available to buy at most retailers, the peace lily is a good start as a houseplant. It is one of the best plants for removing toxins from the air and is easy to maintain.


A good herb for the windowsill. It needs to be planted in its own pot, with fertile soil and plenty of sun (a south facing window should be fine). It is great for cooking and steeping in hot water for tea.

You can buy it here for £2.29

Cress/Lepidium sativum

An old school favourite that could not be easier to grow and look after. Simply dampen cotton wool in a container and sprinkle the seeds on top. It should take about 5-7 days for the shoots to be ready to harvest, and then you will have grown a really comforting and nostalgic plant that is delicious in sandwiches and salads.

You can buy it here for £1.99

A proper DIY herb!

Snake plant/ Dracaena trifasciata

One of the easiest plants to keep alive and looking good. Its distinctive leaves make it a striking plant, but its ability to thrive in indirect light and slightly dry soil makes it fool proof to look after.

Outdoor plants

If you have garden space, get your hands dirty and give these plants a go.

Marigold/ Tagetes

A very pretty flowering plant, if planting seeds they just need to be placed in fertile soil in a sunny spot in your garden

You can buy here for only £1.00


Brighten up your garden with these yellow beauties

The seeds just need to be sowed up against trellis or wall to support them as they grow. They are very easy to maintain and are a real showstopper of a flower.

You can buy here for only £1.99

Aquilegia/ Columbine

A really pretty flowering plant that once established will return year after year with minimum care, likes moist but well drained soil and is happy in sun or shade.

Let us know how you find planting these little nuggets. If you need any more help just get onto our app for any queries or questions… happy planting!

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