Grow your own herbs

Growing herbs is easy to do and reaps big rewards. Making a herb patch in your garden or dedicating a windowsill to grow herbs is a great way to have fresh produce on hand to help spruce up your cooking.

Herbs need plenty of sunlight (so put them in the sunniest spot in your garden, or on a south facing windowsill) and keep them watered. Using our app, we will give you all the information for keeping your herbs alive and flourishing.

Scroll down for some of our favourite recipes using homegrown herbs.


will keep in the fridge for up to week

A simple recipe that highlights basil using only a few other ingredients. This sauce is great for pasta or for spreads in sandwiches.


–   Handful of basil

–   Clove of garlic

–   50g pine nuts

–   50g grated parmesan

–   Oil (enough to give you your desired consistency)


–   Put the basil, pine nuts and garlic in a blender and start to whizz.

–   Gradually add the oil until desired consistency.

–   Season with pepper and salt.

–   If you don’t have a blender simply chop up the basil and garlic and pine nuts and muddle in a pestle and mortar. Gradually add the oil. To finish, stir through the Parmesan.

Salsa Verde

A triple threat of herbs

A mixture of three of our favourite herbs. This sauce goes well with almost anything.


–   Handful of parsley

–   Handful of mint

–   Handful of coriander

–   Tablespoon capers

–   Two anchovies

–   One clove of garlic

–   Teaspoon of mustard

–   Oil

–   Salt & pepper


–   Blend all the ingredients adding oil slowly to reach desired consistency


Why not liven up drinks o’clock with some mojitos made with fresh mint? This recipe makes a pitcher (probably large enough for one person with what’s happening in the world right now!)


–   6 limes

–   4tbs sugar

–   5 mint sprigs

–   ice

–   350ml white rum

–   600ml sparkling water


–   Chop each lime into quarters and put into a large jug (approx. 2L), add the sugar and with a wooden spoon until all the juice is out of the limes

–   Pick your fresh mint and give them a bit of bashing, then add to the jug

–   Fill up the jug with as much ice as you would like, we do around ¾, then add the rum

–   Give everything a good stir and top with the water

–   Enjoy!

Go on then let’s get busy in the kitchen and the garden this spring!

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