5 plant based remedies that work wonders

Plants are great for lots of things like adding colour, character and scent to your home and garden, but they are the unsung heroes when it comes to your health, and play a central role in natural remedies. Have a look at these 5 plants that are great for helping decongest colds to soothing skin that has seen to much sun (lots of us could use this at the minute!)


Not only is this a delicious ingredient to use in cooking, fennel is also linked to numerous health benefits like building and maintaining your bone health and growth. Its high fibre content means it is good for ailing digestion, but the real secret weapon is fennel tea which is great for settling sore tummies.


Eucalyptus , also known as the gumtree, is a plant that is knockout for decongesting head colds. The extract and oils from the leaves of these evergreen trees work miracles when diluted in steaming water and breathed in.

Aloe Vera

The gel that is contained in these plants is wondrous for soothing burned skin and was used as an over the counter remedy for burns in 1959. Oddly enough gargling with Aloe Vera is just as effective as regular mouthwash! Who woulda thought it?


Fun fact, it was reported that the Duchess of Cambridge turned to lavender shortbread when she had morning sickness. As well as aiding nausea, it is well known that lavender also soothes anxiety and aids a restful nights sleep.


Another good one for curing nausea, ginger is stuffed full of health benefits. Gingerol is the main compound in ginger that holds all the health goodness, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is great to put in hot drinks when you have a cold.

So next time you get a wee bit too much sun or have a stocking cold why not reach for these au natural products!

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