Plant Of The Month – Monstera Monkey Leaf

Our Plant Of The Month, and star of our ‘Mindful Movements’ box, is the Monstera Monkey Leaf.  It gets it’s name from its distinctive and irregular hole stamped leaves have been likened to the face of a monkey. Whilst we aren’t sold on this we definitely think this plants brings a fun and cheeky vibe!

Part of the Swiss Cheese family, this striking and playful plant will bring plenty of character, and a slice of the tropics, into your home this August. 


Our ‘Mindful Movements’ box is about connecting and harmonising your mind & body.  One way to do this is through yoga and meditation, and your Monstera Monkey leaf can help play an active part in enhancing your experience. 

Plants are brilliant companions when practicing mindfulness, as they offer a reflective stillness to surround you with. The glossy green of the Monstera creates a calming atmosphere to practice yoga or meditation in, whilst the intricate leaves offer plenty for your mind to focus on, helping to calm down racing thoughts and instead focus on the present moment.  


This plant is not only striking with its glossy green colour & leaves, but it also helps with the physical side of mindfulness, which is centred on breathing. 

Plants help to pump oxygen into the air, helpful when taking deep regulated breaths, but the Monstera is also great at purifying the air meaning your space is as clean and filtered as possible for you to best enjoy a mindful moment. 


The Monstera monkey leaf is the mini cousin of the larger Swiss Cheese plant, meaning he is far more manageable to look after and maintain. Used to the dappled conditions of a rainforest, this plant is easy to look after, and will bring much joy to your home for many years. Here’s how to look after your plant:

–       Bright indirect light, but can tolerate shade. Keep out of direct sunlight, as the leaves will burn. 

–       Water once a week or when soil is dry; try not to overwater as this can lead to root rot. 

–       Loves humidity so keep it spritzed! 

–       Likes to be warm so anywhere between 18-27 works well for this plant 

–       Don’t be afraid to cut back if your plant is getting a bit big. 

We are so excited to have this plant as the start of our ‘Mindful Movements’ box curated by Charlotte Holmes. Alongside our other goodies, we think this plant will be the perfect companion to get you started on your mindful journey, and will look great whilst you do your exclusive class with Charlotte! 

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