Plant Of The Month: Lovely Lavender

Our plant of the month, and the star of our Bee Kind box, is the wonderful lavender. 

Picking this plant was a no brainer when it came to our pollinator box. Lavender is a favourite for both honey bees and bumble bees due to its scent and pollen content & and it turns out that we are equally fond of this lovely little shrub.

Lavender essential oils are widely used for their holistic benefits, and lavender is found in soaps and perfumes as well as other beauty products due to its simply divine floral scents. 

It is hard not to get excited by the sheer variety found in lavender. From the French lavender fields found in Provence to English lavender found in gardens and parks, lavender has always been loved by different cultures and countries. Did you know the ancient Greeks used to use it as a remedy for headaches and indigestion? Whilst the Egyptians used lavender in mummification due to its heady aroma? Ok maybe we don’t use lavender for this specifically anymore, but lavender is a plant that can transport us so easily to other places. Whatever the variety or size we absolutely adore this plant! 


In Sue Stuarts Smiths wonderful book ‘ The Well Gardened Mind’ she wrote on the importance of scent. The smell of lavender has long been recognised for its incredibly soothing and calming properties, in her book she wrote that it has also been proven to lower stress levels. 

This means if you are having a particularly stressful day at the office or feeling anxious, why not get some lavender and breathe the scent in deeply. 


Did you know lavender has long been used to aide with insomnia? If you have trouble sleeping why not crush some lavender and put it in your bath. The hot water will activate the essential oils creating a soothing aroma. 

Lavender is a triple threat, it not only looks and smells divine but can also be eaten. It works especially well in sweets like shortbread and cakes, so if you are wanting to have an all round lavender experience then give it a go!


Lavender works great as both an indoor and outdoor plant. We recommend starting your lavender inside (maybe on your bed side table to create the perfect calming environment) and then as it grows you can move it outside.

Lavender is a corker of a plant due its hardy and resilient nature however it does need to get established if planting outside so make sure it is well watered to begin with. You get maximum joy and use for minimal effort (which is how we like it!). 

☀️ Loves a sunny bright spot

? Water plants deeply but infrequently, when the soil is almost dry

? Likes chalky, sandy and well drained Soil

✂️ Cutting branches for flower harvest promotes new growth and bushiness!

To get your hands on a lovely lavender then look no further then our Bee Kind box, where we have included a French Lavender. Alongside products from the London Honey Company, we also have included a bespoke lavender candle to really get you to relax and replenish.

To get this delightful pollinator parcel for 35% off just type in BEEKIND35 at the checkout!

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