10 Pet Friendly Plants

Keeping your plants and pets healthy and happy is no easy feat, and your plants and pets should be able to get on with one another too. At SmartPlant we keep things as simple as possible, so scroll through to find out our top ten pet friendly plants (both indoor and outdoor). All of the plants are linked to our app if you would like expert advice on how to look after them!

happy dog, happy plants

Spider Plant/Chlorophytum comosum

A popular houseplant due to its hardiness, graceful grass-like leaves and its ability to sprout mini plants that almost look like webs. A great plant for pets and plant beginners.

Cats find the long leaves irresistible!

Chinese Money Plant/Pilea peperomioides

Another houseplant, this puddle-leaved plant is a good addition to any interior. It’s happy to be at room temperature, but try to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Boston Fern/Nephrolepis exaltata

Ferns are always a popular addition to any interior. If kept indoors they should be kept warm and humid, a good idea is to leave a humidifier next to it! 

Calathea rattlesnake/Calathea lancifolia

Don’t be fooled by the name, this houseplant is perfectly harmless and is a showstopper with its contrasting colours and sword like leaves.


A classic in the plant kingdom with a huge range of varieties and colours to choose from without worrying about your pets.

Your pet can be around roses all day!

Camellia/Camellia japonica

Pretty shrubs, they take a bit of time to get sorted in your garden but then they are easy to maintain and add a pop of colour to any exterior. 

Pansy/Viola tricolor var. hortensis

Garden pansies are an easy way to add colour to your garden without posing problems for your pooches.

Bell heather/Erica cinerea

Another outdoor plant that does well in difficult conditions and is low maintenance. This is a plant that is hardy and can just get on with it.


Sturdy enough of a shrub to take a bit of bashing by your pets, this is a plant that smells delicious. A large quantity ingested isn’t a good idea but fine if your pet lies in it.

Your pet will smell heavenly if they take a tumble

Dill/Anethum graveolens

A good kitchen herb and fine to be ingested by humans and pets. Dill likes to get big so make sure to plant it with lots of space in your garden.

Its always a good idea to double check if the plants you are buying are pet safe … big no no’s for pets are plants like foxgloves and even tomato plants, so always better safe than sorry!

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