Plant Of The Month – The Prayer Plant

Introducing our plant of the month and pièce de résistance of the February “Home Comforts” box: The Prayer Plant.

This fella is a dreamboat and will look absolutely perfect in your home, adding a splash of colour to a bookshelf, kitchen counter or corner of a room. 

Tis plant is a mainstay of many a cosy corner…and a sure fire way to spruce up any interior, helping you curate that perfect space. With their characteristic stripes, their leaves are a delight to behold.


 If there was ever a plant to remind you to take a moment to yourself, this is it. These plants fold up their leaves at night revealing their undersides and reminding you that its time to close the laptop, put the technology down and focus on yourself.

Colours themselves are proven to alter mood and the the soothing properties of green is bound to give you a helping hand in your wind down session.


Creating a harmonious space is good for the soul, and the compact size of the prayer plant makes it perfect for adding some decorative flair to a nook without overwhelming the space. 

Incorporating plants into your home interior is a great way for us to feel connected to the outside and the natural world (also known as biophilia) and this plant, with its colour and striking pattern, will bring a little slice of the tropics right into your front room! 

Better than that these plants are wonderful for removing toxins and impurities in the air, helping you breathe easy.


These guys love humidity, so the never-never plant likes to be misted on the regs, however only water it when the topsoil feels dry to the touch.  Bright indirect light is perfect (as it mirrors the condition of the tropical rainforest) and it is happy to hang out in temps ranging from 13-29°C so all in all its a pretty easy customer.

☀️ Bright, indirect sunlight (the leaves will fade if its too bright!)

? Moist soil but not sitting in water. Likes a misting from time to time

? Happy in temperatures between 13-29°C

? Wipe leaves occasionally to ensure no build up of dust.

This air purifying, vibrant little number will combine perfectly with the other items we have lined up for our Home Comforts box.

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We have a couple of other special contributions to this box but we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise entirely would we!

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