Mind The Plants

Our upcoming box is about harmonising your mind and body by starting ( or continuing) your mindful journey. 

Mindfulness is learning how to be present in the moment, by focusing on small things like how your breathing feels or what you can see. The results of practicing mindfulness are pretty amazing ; it can be brilliant at lowering stress levels, aiding anxiety and helping you enjoy life as it should be! 

With normal life commencing, its hard not to feel overwhelmed. With festivals back on and holidays in full swing,  its not surprising to sometimes feel like you need a moment for yourself.

Practicing mindfulness is an accessible and great way to take the time to focus on your mental health & helping you to feel relaxed and centred.  

The brilliant thing about mindfulness is that you can practice it many ways, either through yoga, meditation or even eating,  and at Mind, Body & Soil we love including our green friends in this (obvs). 

Mindfulness with plants 

Did you know that your houseplants are great companions when practising mindfulness?

Its no surprise that you often see plants in a yoga studio or in meditation classes. Being close to nature is a sure fire way to improve your feelings of wellbeing as plants have been proven help lower stress levels and aid a feeling of calm. Perfect then for creating an environment to sit and practice mindfulness in. 

So when creating a space for you to practice mindfulness why not make sure you include a few plants, as this can only help your experience. 

Mindfulness through plants 

You can also practice mindfulness whilst looking after your plants – a bit of a win in our eyes as you get a moment of calm and your plants get the TLC they deserve. 

Take the time to look after your plants as a way to truly focus on just that, letting the rest of the day melt away. Focus on how the water sounds going into the soil, the sounds of your sleeve brushing up against the plant, and the feel of the soil in your hands. Try and get into the routine of caring for your plants as also a time to care for yourself. 

Our upcoming box is all about creating these mindful movements, connecting your body and mind through nature and yoga, whilst creating a space to best make this happen. 

We are so excited to reveal more, but if you can’t wait sign up for our box now to be guaranteed one! 

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