Plant Of The Month – The Funky Rhipsalis

Our plant of the month, a gorgeous little number and a sure fire way to banish January blues, is the fun and funky Rhipsalis.

Also known as coral reef cactus, this delightful tropical succulent is a cactus, but without the sharp spikes, making it a chilled out beauty who will get better with time as it’s gorgeous tendrils start to grow and hang down. 

It’s name comes from an Ancient Greek term for ‘wickerwork’ which gives an indication of its interesting and intricate form & as the only cactus to grow in the wild outside of North and South America….it is one cool customer. 

These trailing beauties make for stunning plant displays, adding a hit of green into any home. Perfect for these darker months and for getting creative with your plant arranging…we like to put ours on a bookshelf as it cascades beautifully down the shelves. 


Nothing is more cheering that a tumbling trailing green plant that looks wild, fresh and gives you a large dose of nature. With another lockdown limiting our time outside, alongside with this horrid weather, now more than ever it’s important to bring the outside in, and this plant does just that. Green, dynamic and fun – just what you need to see each morning to set up your day in the right way. Get her up somewhere nice and high and enjoy the cascade!


The juice inside these succulents’ leaves contains the good stuff. It has been show to reduce inflammation in muscles and arteries and help digestion, but leave the distilling to the professionals, don’t DIY. It also rates highly in the air purification scale, so a great one to keep in an office or bedroom. 


 A breeze to look after, the Rhipsalis actually prefers a bit of shade so is perfect for these colder darker months or if your flat doesn’t get a lot of light. It falls into the category of ‘fine if forgotten about for a week’, which is handy! As it is a succulent be careful with overwatering, only water when the topsoil feels dry to the touch. 

Our box this month has been a real pleasure to curate and we have been working with some partners who we absolutely love.

Pentire are providing the (non-alcoholic) cocktails and we have plenty to help you turn over a new leaf this year. With refreshing notes of the sea and bags of botanical benefits we hope this months box will transport you to a remote beach on the Cornish coast.

As a notoriously “Blue” month we think a bit of self-care is all the more important given the circumstances. So jump into our next box with 35% off using the code below


Wondering what else we put in there? If you cant wait then have a peek below (but you wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise would you?)

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