The Art Of Coffee

Ah coffee, the smell & taste are enough to entice even the most ardent anti morning person out of bed. Our ‘Perfect Blend’ box celebrates this delicious drink, and with our very special partner, the community and culture that it can bring. 

It’s easy to forget sometimes that your coffee has come from a plant, with the beans being dried and then ground to get you your favourite flat white, espresso or latte. 

Check out our latest blog on why this glorious bean is pretty special. 

The Coffee plant 

Known scientifically as Coffea Arabica, Coffee plants are grown around the planet, and thrive in hot areas. The plant is a beautiful glossy green with white flowers, and grows berries that turn into pods. In these pods are found the seeds, which turn into the bean we all know and love.

 Different climates and terrain can produce distinctive different flavours profiles to the bean, making this product such a varied and enriching experience. Whether you like a chocolate richness or a citrus punch, coffee has something for everyone. 


Coffee is not only delicious, but in moderation can have some amazing benefits and contains more antioxidants in it than both green tea and coco. Antioxidants are amazing at fighting inflammation and are thought to help to shield against heart disease.  Coffee is also proven to boost mood, dopamine and serotonin levels as it activates a neurotransmitter that controls these. 

Coffee is also brilliant to use on your skin. If you mix your leftover coffee grounds with a sugar and honey, this scrub can help exfoliate and buff your skin whilst not wasting your coffee grounds!  

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