Plant Of The Month: The Peacock Plant

Our plant of the month, and star of this months ‘Here comes the sun’ box is the gloriously named Peacock Plant aka Calathea Ornata.

 This plant has become a firm favourite in the houseplant world due to its gorgeous foliage and shape.

 We think it is the perfect plant to go with our theme this month, as it will light up any room with its striking appearance!


Our June box is all about colour and celebrating the longer days and warmer eves, and this plant is sure to brighten up your mood and home with its gorgeous appearance.  

This plant is lovingly known as a peacock plant as its elongated shape is reminiscent of a peacocks tail, and it sure is bringing fun & colour this month with its bold pattern and vivid dark green leaves with pink stripes. 


This plant is not only a delight to keep in your home but it also falls into the very helpful category of being a good air purifier, keeping your home feeling fresher and cleaner. 

This plant is also pet safe so not a problem for your curious four legged friends – keep wherever you can show it off best! 


This show stopper of a plant with the right care can grow to up to 2ft tall (wowza). Here’s how to keep your peacock plant looking top notch:

? Humid conditions are really important in keeping your plant happy so spritz often

?  Water to keep the soil moist

☀️ Moderate indirect sunshine ( to mimic tropical rainforest) 

? 16- 24 prime temperature 

We think this plant fits perfectly with our sun drenched colourful June box, adding flair and fun into your home this summer!  Alongside this glorious plant we have included also some goodies from interior style gurus HAY. 

So to get your hands on a bundle of colour & light this summer then get your box now!  

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