5 Bathroom Friendly Plants

Turn your bathroom into a green oasis with these top 5 bathroom friendly plants. 

Keeping plants in your bathroom is not only a way to add more houseplants into your environment (the more the merrier), but the humid conditions mean that some plants will thrive, and reward you with a beautifully green and oxygenated bathroom 

And if space is tight in your bathroom, then why not try some of them in hanging pots! 


We love a fern and these guys thrive in low light and humid conditions, so perfect if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light. A good one to start with is a Boston fern. 

Snake plant 

A really fab plant to have around, and will be a great focal point in a corner of your bathroom or on a shelf. These guys are also pretty much un-killable so bathroom conditions are perfect for them. 


A pothos is a great bathroom plant and looks amazing trailing down from a shelf or in a hanging pot. They love the humid conditions and low light so will be a really wonderful addition to your bathroom. 

Aloe Vera 

This guy is double trouble, as it will not only thrive in your bathroom conditions (just be careful not to overwater), but if you run out of moisturiser or want a soothing gel just break into one of the leaves for a free and eco friendly way to soothe your skin! 


If you want to keep a flowering plant in your bathroom, an orchid is a safe bet to go for as they like the steamy and humid conditions of a bathroom, just keep away from any bright light. 

Our upcoming box is about greening up your bathroom, in more ways than one! Stay tuned for more exciting reveals and info about our July box. 

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