Candles: A Claim To Flame

We are so thrilled to be including the colourful and sculptural spiral candles in our ‘Here Comes The Sun’ box, alongside tea lights and a candle holder from HAY, this candle centric bundle is definitely bringing the light this summer! 

Candles have a rich and wonderful history, and can be used not only for emergency light source in a power cut and scent but also as a way to tell the time! In the 13th century candle making was a guild craft in England, with skilled candle makers using left over fats from the kitchen to mould and craft their candles. 

Don’t worry though, candles are now made out of more normal ingredients like paraffin, but we hope you agree that the spiral candles feel like a nod to the artisan tradition of candle creation, with their sculptural shapes making them feel like a piece of art. 

Here are some of the other wonderful things that candles bring: 


Candlelight is perfect for creating a calming and relaxing space and is great at improving your mood. If you have had a stressful day at work, lighting some candles and having a bath or meditating is a lovely way to help unwind. 

The repetitive flickering light of a candle is very soothing to look at, and to help aid a good nights sleep why not try putting your phone away and instead read book by candle light to help you relax before bed (just don’t forget to blow it out!) 


Candles have long been used as traditional in many different kinds of festivities and celebrations around the world. What would a birthday be without some candles on your cake! They really help to make an occasion special with their warm glow and ceremonial flicker. 


Scented candles are very much bound up in aromatherapy, using botanical oils and scents to create calming and soothing smells. Different scents can also create different moods with citrus smells making the atmosphere refreshed and invigorated whilst sandalwood can create a cosy atmosphere perfect for curling up with a glass of wine! 

To get your own set of candles this month, sign up to our wonderful ‘Here Comes The Sun’ box, which alongside our peacock plant in its yellow ceramic pot, is bringing all the good vibes this summer! 

As a summer treat use CANDLE40 at the checkout to get 40% off your first box! 

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