Travel the world through your plants

With travel restricted and many of us confined to home, why not bring the outdoors in! Many plants grown in the UK can remind us of travels abroad with their tropical colours, scents and appearances. However, these come without air miles and a guilt free conscience.

Below are some of our favourite plants that remind us of travel.  Even though they are now familiar to us in Britain, let’s have a look at where they first originated and what they can bring to our homes and gardens!

Plants galore

Muscari Blue/Muscari armeniacum

This garden favourite first originated in the Mediterranean basin and parts of Asia. Its bright blue foliage will allow your mind to drift off to warmer climates. It can be planted in the garden, window box or potted and kept on a windowsill.  

Trailing Geraniums/Pelargonium

If you want to recreate a tumbling balcony of plants the trailing geranium is perfect. Geraniums are native to South Africa but have been grown in England since the 17th century. They work brilliantly if placed on a balcony or a windowsill.

What a look!

Hibiscus/Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

The red hibiscus, sometimes called the ‘China Rose’ is native to China and is popular in tropical climates. They will add a great pop of colour to your garden and transport you to warmer climates. It is the perfect plant to grow in a container either in your garden or on your balcony.

Kentia Palm/Howea forsteriana

Bring the tropics to your front room with these majestic palms. Originating from Lord Howe Island in the South Pacific, these palms like indirect sunlight and plenty of space to grow into.


Known for its sweet and distinctive aroma, Jasmine is a great plant to transport your senses elsewhere. Originating in the Himalayas, you can start it as a houseplant and then plant it out in the garden where it will flower year after year.


Great for that tropical look, Bamboo is hardy and requires little upkeep. It is great for shielding noise if you live next to a busy road or for providing that extra bit of privacy. Bamboo is most synonymous with South Asia however, it is a plant that is grown almost everywhere due to its easy nature. Just remember to confine it to a pot in the garden or it will spread everywhere!

Lovely potted bamboo

Now break out that bottle of holiday booze and make a toast to armchair travelling!

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