5 Easy To Grow Veg

Growing your own veg in your garden may just seem like a far away dream cooked up by watching too many episodes of The Good Life… however this blog is going to show you some vegetables that are easy-peasy to grow and will provide you with beautiful produce that can be used in your kitchen.


Ah the humble carrot – divine dipped in hummus or as part of a hearty stew carrots are a good staple to have around. Once you have pulled your very own carrots from the soil there will be no turning back. 
Carrot seeds can be sown right up until late august so there is plenty of time to order some online ( T&M are great for buying seeds ). The soil needs to be kept moist until germination and keep your carrots spaced apart so that they haven’t plenty of space to grow! Do not be put off growing carrots if you have only got a small garden or even just a balcony ! These little guys are happy to grow in containers ( just get one as deep as possible to give them enough space). 

Fun fact about carrots : the reason orange is seen as the most standard colour of carrots is because the Dutch cultivated this colour for the House of Orange who is the ruling monarch of Holland. There are actually loads of different colours of carrots like purple and white! 

The colours of the rainbow!


Add some spice to yer life with these bad boiz ! Growing chili plants is a really fun and easy way to have spice on hand for whenever you need it. I like to use mine to make a chili jam which is delicious in a cheese sandwich
Now it is totally up to you how hot you want your chillies to be , if your feeling brave why not try varities like ‘demon red’ which is haaaaat , or if your easing yourself into the chili life and want something a wee bit milder go for varieties like the jalapeño which is a bit hot but won’t blow your socks off. Chilis need lots of sunlight and space – so keep em in a sunny spot. 

Fun fact : the spiciness of chilis is related to how much water they are given – the drier they are the spicier they will be! 


Seen as a ‘bog standard veg’ the potato is actually a goldmine when it comes to varieties and uses. 
Whilst you can grow your potatoes in a hefty veg patch , potatoes work wonders in self contained bags which is again brill if you are short of space or want to grow things on a balcony. Right now is a good time to get planting your seeds – end of May is kind of the cut off point for main crop potatoes.

Fun fact about potatoes: The word potato comes from the Spanish world patata ??

Runner beans

Another super simple but delicious veg to grow. These beans are speedy when it comes to growing so they are very satisfying to watch AND the final product is a delicious veg that is lovely in salads and as sides.

All you need is to fill a pot with soil and pop in the bean seed and cover it back over – this can be done in a pot on your patio or in your garden soil . they need to be a in a sunny or shady spot with shelter from the wind. They will also need a support of sorts which you can make out of bamboo or any sturdy piece of wood. Runner beans give a bountiful harvest so get enjoying!


A personal favourite of mine, radishes are fiery and delicious and add pazazz and colour to any dish. I like mine dipped in salt and there is truly nothing better than doing this when they are fresh from the ground. Radishes are great if you are a bit impatient and like to see results asap as from sowing to harvest it only takes around 3-4 weeks.

The trick with radishes is to sow the seeds often but little (every two week) to ensure you have a constant supply that doesn’t need thinning out. Keep your soil moist as they are sweeter and juicer!

Fun fact about radishes : They were used to treat kidney stones in the past.

These are like red jewels!

So get in yer garden and get growing those veg!

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