5 Plants you can grow without soil!

A couple of months ago we put a tip on our instagram on how to regrow a lettuce from just popping the stem in a pot of water by a sunny windowsill… It worked an absolute treat in my household and got me thinking what else can grow hydroponically (no soil!) . There is something rather magical about taking a cutting and seeing it flourish in just a jar of water, so below is a list of plants that can grow quite happily in just H2o. 


This popular plant works very well given its thick succulent roots, which are very forgiving. Try and look for a variety that has waxy leaves.  It’s a good idea to change the water weekly to prevent the roots rotting as it takes them a good couple of months to get settled. 


Top of the pops in terms of houseplants, the philodendron works fab in water, if you have one already and it is well established just cut off some of its stems and pop them in vases around your house for a really pretty display. 


Super duper easy to propagate in water, English ivy is another good-un. All you need to do is take some cuttings from a healthy ivy plant, make sure there are some nodes in the stem,  and then just put in a container with water. Ivy is super quick so you should have roots in around 3 weeks. 


Mint is a herb that responds really well to being grown in water, as do most herbs.  To grow mint take some cuttings from an established mint plant and place in clear jar or container, leave on a sunny windowsill and watch how your mint grows! 

Spring onions 

Have spring onions on tap with this handy way of re-growing them… next time you buy spring onions, save the root just to where it starts to become a darker shade of green. Then place in a clear jar or glass with roots facing down and fill with water, place on a sunny windowsill and in about a week you will have fresh regrowth which you can then snip off and use in salads etc!

I hope that you have fun taking different cuttings and seeing what works for you! If you are worried about just leaving it in water , you can also put satchels of plant food in your water to make sure they are getting the right nutrients.

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