6 nifty plant hacks

Are you bored of all your old methods of gardening? Want to find uses for things you can find around the house? Then look no further! This blog is chock full of tips n tricks on how to look after your plants, in ways that are fun and sustainable.

1) Water your plants with the leftover (cooled) water from parboiling your roasties! The plants love the starchy water & it’s reusing water, so a bonus for the environment!

2) Keep a bunch of fresh eucalyptus in your shower if you can find any. Whilst it is lovely to look at, the real benefit is that the heat and steam will release the aromatherapy powers of the plant, making it easier to breathe and leaving your shower as refreshed as possible!! Just simply tie it onto your shower head.

 3) If your houseplants are prone to getting a bit dusty, and you can’t quite get into the nooks and crannies, try cutting off a corner of a sponge (the ones that are half squidgy and half scrubby) which will then become the perfect tool to brush up ya plants!

4) Worried that your plants need a bit of support as they grow taller? Why not use some old chopsticks in your drawers (everyone has some lying around) to help support your plants as they grow.

5) Sprinkling some crushed up eggshells adds calcium to the soil and helps to balance the PH… It also deters those slimy snails and slugs from munching all your plants! 

6) Next time you mow your lawn don’t throw away those grass clippings! Pop them in a container with the same amount of water, leave for three days and voila you have readymade plant food!

We hope you enjoy trying these out… Is sustainable and fun to learn how bits and bobs from around the house can come in handy when looking for ways to keep your plants healthy and happy!

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