5 Easy DIY Ways To Feed Your Plants

Wondering how to fertilise your plants without a trip to the shops? Then these 5 easy and organic ways to fertilise your plants is perfect for you! The trick to a healthy plant is to keep the soil happy,  as most of the things the plants need are found in the soil. You will probably have most of these natural fertiliser ingredients lying around your house anyway, so not only does it de clutter your kitchen and reuse and recycle , but it is also a cheap option!  Ps they are perfectly safe to eat if you have inquisitive pets …  

Egg shells 

Next time you make scrambled eggs for brekkie, instead of chucking away your egg shells, use them as fertiliser! Egg shells are a great source of calcium and thus help the plants build up their cell walls and promotes healthy growth, they also aerate the soil and keep pests at bay so pretty handy to have around. To use just crush in a blender or with a spoon and mix into the soil. 

Coffee grounds 

Rich in nitrogen and easy to mix with soil , using your leftover coffee grounds is a great way to add organic material to the soil which improves the drainage of the soil and is especially great for plants that like acidic soil ( like roses ) as it ups the PH. Wait for the coffee grounds to dry and then sprinkle or mix evenly through your soil. 

Banana peels 

Banana skins are rich in potassium and give your plants essential nutrients to keep them growing and build up disease resistance. Banana peels take a pretty long time to compost so if you want them to disappear a bit quicker cut them into small pieces and mix into your plants soil, alternatively you can bury the skins in the soil which will then compost naturally ( and out of sight) ! 

Cooking water 

A pretty simple one and easy to do, just reuse it to water you plants which will be full of nutrients that are released through cooking things like potatoes , carrots , eggs etc. Let the water cool before using ( and hold back on salting that water!)  


Probably found in the back of your cupboard in a sticky jar , this is actually packed full of microbes and bacteria that will help your plant grow. To make treacle tea just mix a tablespoon of it with a gallon of water and water it with your plants once a week.

I hope you enjoy rolling your sleeves up and giving these a go!

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