How to keep your plants happy this winter

As the weather gets chillier its important to keep an eye on your houseplants. Fluctuating temperatures & humidity can wreak havoc on your plants health, and lets be honest, as the nights get darker and colder, now more then ever we need all the benefits that these plants bring.  Check out these things below you can do to keep them in tip-top condition. 


Its good to get into a routine of dusting down your houseplants ( yes this sounds weird but trust us). This is especially important in the winter months when sun is in short supply. Keeping your plants dust free will mean they can soak up as much light as possible. 


Keep your plants in neutral spaces in your home. As the temperatures start to drop outside it is tempting to crank the heat up inside. However be careful about where you are placing your plants, as if kept close to a heat source like a radiator or fire as the leaves could burn. The same rule applies for keeping your plants too close to cold areas (like that drafty window that never quite shuts). 


It’s tempting to give your plants lots of love (in the form of watering) however take it easy. Less really is more when it comes to watering in winter. Roots are vulnerable to root rot, so just water when soil feels dry to the touch. 


With the heating turned up it’s easy for plants to get dried out.  Misting them will moisten them up without over watering ( it’s also quite fun to do!)

We hope that this easy tips and tricks will keep you and your houseplants happy this winter!

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