Take 5 with: Frosty from Pentire

We caught up with Frosty, founder of the Pentire. Over a lovely cocktail making session he told us what makes Pentire so special and what’s in store for 2021. 

Hey guys it’s Frosty here, I’m the founder of Pentire, and I’m delighted to be able to bring you down to our beach and make you our perfect serve and tell you a little bit about our product! 

What is Pentire? 

It’s a non-alcoholic spirit. It’s made by distilling plants that grow on our local headlands. So we’re making it with plants like rock samphire, ice lettuce, sea purslane as well as some ingredients like rosemary and citrus and heaps of exciting ingredients that make our liquids. 

What can people expect from a perfect serve of Pentire Adrift 

The flavour profile of our product is really coastal, really herbaceous, and really fresh, lets go in to how to drink it:

Step by step for the perfect serve – a Pentire and tonic 

–       Glass full of ice 

–       Pour in double shot (50ml, if you don’t have a measure just free style it but around ¼ of the glass)

–       Use any tonic you like, an Indian or a local tonic like we have here. Only use half the bottle, if your using a can maybe use ¾ of it)

–       I’ve garnished with a bit of rock samphire, but if you have rosemary in the garden that works great or lemon peel is absolutely delicious 

What is the ethos of Pentire?

It was really important for us when we were creating this project to be able to produce a drink that was entirely plant based. For us plant based eating and drinking is so healthy for you, and for us it is exciting to make a drink that has no additives, nothing artificial and is super low in calories. You know that you are drinking a drink that you can trust and is only going to have a good impact on your day to day life. 

What feelings and evoked from a sip of Pentire?

Super relaxed! The flavour profile is really uplifting, the flavours are green and citrusy and a nice celebration after an amazing day of exercise. So many of our customers in their lovely reviews say that it makes them feel super relaxed and feel like their by the sea! 

How do you relax and unwind?

Life here by the sea is always super super fun, we like to encourage our team to get outside and do what they enjoy. Especially now when people have been isolating in lockdown it is important to get outside and do stuff. We all need to encourage each other, as a community, as a family, as a work force, to take those moments and do what makes us feel great. 

What’s in store for Pentire in 2021? 

It is a very exciting year for Pentire, we’re a year and a half old and we are really delighted with what we have achieved.  We are lucky enough to be in places like Harrods, Fortnum and Masons and Dalesford and we are working with some of the best Michelin starred chefs from around it here like Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth. We are also in about 15 different countries and it has been so exciting for us to grow from just an idea to expanding out team, our reach and launching new products 

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