5 Plants to bring a buzz to your garden ?

With the warmer weather en route and our environment getting more colourful by the minute, we should thank our wonderful pollinators for the vital role they play in the abundance of spring flowers that we are starting to enjoy. 

Bees are an essential part of our eco system, helping to pollinate plants and create new life.  Without bees our planet would be a far less beautiful and nourishing place, and sadly the bees are currently in decline due to environmental factors. The presence of bees in any garden is sign of a healthy and harmonious environment; so using plants and the right conditions to attract these pollinators into your garden is a good way to give back to the bees that give so much to us! 

Depending on what space you have, be it a balcony, windowsill box or a garden, we can all do our bit to create a happy and fruitful space for our furry friends. Check out these 5 beautiful plants that will not only be a banquet for your bees but also provide shelter and other essential components to keep your bees fed and looked after! 


A popular springtime plant that will look fab in your garden, these guys are really great for bees as they also provide food in the colder winter months so can be kept in your garden year round.  


Very rich in nectar for our yellow furry friends, lavender also smells lovely for us and adds a wonderful pop of colour to your garden.


Bees love flowering herbs, and if you are short on space planting some thyme in a window box is a great way to not only get yourself some fresh herbs but also giving some essential food for the bees. 


Sunflowers and bees go together like strawberries and cream. The large and bright leaves attract the bees in whilst the large centre is full of thousands of pockets of nectar. Just make sure that you get organic and pollinator safe variety of sunflowers. 


Another favourite with bees, these wonderful plants not only give our bees a bit of a buzz, but they bloom from early summer right up to October making sure your bees are fed for a good 5 months! 

Other ways you can make your garden bee friendly is leaving a source of water out for them to drink, and creating different kinds of surfaces for your bees to sit on or crawl into.

 If you are a bit daunted about where to start, especially if you don’t feel comfortable with choosing plants, then why not get a bee friendly wildflower seed mix which will create the perfect environment for bees, but also bring some really interesting and diverse options of plants into your garden ( Hint we may have you covered for this). 

Our April Box is all about celebrating these wonderful pollinators, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements! 

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