Plant Of The Month: Laurus Nobilis- plant of champion’s ?

Bringing the flavour in this months  “La Dolce Vita” box is the bay tree, Laurus nobilis.

This delightful Mediterranean plant isn’t only a secret weapon in the kitchen but also has a long and rich history that makes it a plant with much cultural significance. 

You’d be hard pushed to find a more noble plant than the bay. In Ancient Greece a Laurel wreath was a symbol of triumph and was adorned on the victors of the Olympic games. A laurel wreath can normally be found on depictions of the god Apollo in ancient art, so this bay plant is a little slice of history in your home. 

We’ve picked this plant for very good reason and paired it with the perfect partner and a wine to boot. Here is why this plant is topping out list this month and why it is taking centre stage in this months Mind, Body & Soil box.


As well as being a wonderful sculpted plant at the entrance of buildings, this plant is more commonly found in the kitchen bringing an extra flavour to curries, stews, stocks and many more.

The benefits of cooking with fresh local produce at home are wide ranging, from a healthier diet to having an improved environmental impact. This month we want to focus on how cooking can improve your mental wellbeing. Did you know cooking can help:

  • A feeling of empowerment
  • Getting you to exercise your creative flair in a relaxed environment
  • Can help with organisation


Bay is not only a lovely addition to your home but it also is brilliant in the kitchen. They can be used either fresh or dried to create a beautiful taste in your cooking. Head chef Roberta at Pasta Evangelists (our La Dolce Vita partner) likes to use it to make a bay leaf aperitif which acts as a perfect digestive for when you eat too much ! She grew up in Puglia and bay leaves grew on her farm so trust us when she knows what she’s talking about!   


 Bay plants don’t just look the part with their glossy oval leaves, but they also stand the test of time and with the correct care can live for 50 years. They are the gift that keeps on giving with their fragrant leaves and ability to be clipped into snazzy shapes. Heres how to look after them:

? Bay leafs are typically an outdoor plant so will be happy in a container on a windowsill or in the ground

? If you would like to keep it inside it needs to be kept in a spot with plenty of bright indirect light

? Frequent watering ( just making sure to let the soil dry out in between)

? Well drained soil 

✂️ Can be pruned to create the shape you want 

We are so thrilled to have the bay as this month’s plant. We have even got Chef Roberta at Pasta Evangelists to come up with a delicious pasta sauce, which will require some leaves plucked from your Bay. Is there anything more satisfying than cooking with produce that you are growing? 

Indulge yourself this month with a cooking fiesta and a plant that will add some deliciousness to your meals!

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