The Power Of Green

Have you ever marvelled at a green room? Or had a yearning for some (socially distanced) time in a green space? Well first off; green is a beautiful colour (I saw a particularly delectable dark green wallpaper this week that hit the spot) but did you know that this beautiful colour is proven to have a calming effect on the brain, and can help calm the nerves in stressful situations! 

So no prizes then for guessing what our favourite colour is… Green! Associated with nature, regrowth and health, it also has deeper effects on your body and your mind, and we will tell you how.

Easy on the eye 

Green is one of the few colours in the spectrum that requires no adjustment for the eye to take it in, which means we are at our most chilled out when we see green as it takes a lower level of effort than looking at, let’s say, red or orange. So basically looking at green things is relaxing and soothing for our brains… Time to fill up that house with green plants we think! 

Green healing 

The colour green is also significant in the world of healing! Florence Nightingale championed the importance of nature and greenery for recovery times in hospital. She realised that the effects of nature were not just on the mind but also on the body. A study of two sets of patients, one with a view of trees and greenery, and the other a view of a brick wall revealed that those with a view of greenery had lower levels of stress, improved moods and were discharged earlier… now that is a pretty incredible insight into how green can have a tangible effect on your mind and body! 

So green isn’t just a pretty colour, but a useful aid in helping lower levels of stress and improving your mood. So how can you green up your life? Get some green in your daily routine, be it houseplants inside, a garden chock full of green goodness or by incorporating strolls to the park more often. We could all benefit from the green effect!

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