Horatio’s Garden Partnership – Why Plants Matter

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with the wonderful Horatio’s Garden, a charity that we admire hugely as it reflects and supports our own belief in the healing and restorative power of plants and the importance of the natural world.  

What is the charity?

Horatio’s Garden is a charity that creates beautiful garden space to be used by the patients of NHS spinal centres around the UK. It was founded on the ideas of Horatio Chapple, whose mother created the charity in 2011. Whilst volunteering at the spinal treatment ward in Salisbury, he realised there was a lack of outdoor space for patients to enjoy by themselves or with visiting relatives and friends. Although tragically Horatio lost his life, his idea lives on in this wonderful charity that has created beautiful gardens for 6 NHS spinal centres in the UK. 

Why a garden? 

Both Horatio’s Garden and external research facilities have proven the positive impact that contact with the natural environment can have on patients’ recovery. An improved sense of wellbeing can be achieved through time spent in these beautiful environments and help both patients and relatives come to terms with change. Horatio gardens have combined research and creativity and the result are these outdoor sanctuaries. 

What are the gardens like? 

Each garden is designed by a different architect or designer giving every space its own personality and aesthetic. However, what unites the gardens are the clever and thoughtful design principles that make them accessible to all. The wide range of spaces created allow for communal warmth alongside personal areas for reflection and calm. Some notable designers have been Tom Stuart Smith and James Alexander Sinclair. 

We all know that gardening has this enormous impact on the quality of people’s lives. Here is something that offers hope, change and growth.” – Tom Stuart Smith, landscape designer for the south west garden 

What is the end goal? 

The goal is for every NHS spinal centre in the country to have a Horatio Garden, offering thousands of patients the chance to reap the benefits from a curated and peaceful sanctuary. So far there are 6 gardens however there are 5 more to go , and by donating you can help make that happen.

So how can you help?

 Donate directly on their website, become a part of the team of volunteers that help run the gardens , or buy our box this month with a percentage of the each box going straight to the charity. The boxes will be packed full of nourishing products and plants  (keep your eyes peeled for some Horatio goodies in there too!) offering you a small slice of calm and tranquillity each month. PLUS every month we are sending boxes to each of the gardens for the patients to enjoy.

We are incredibly proud to be supporting a charity that combines thoughtfulness, kindness, mindfulness and practicality to help with something as devastating as a spinal injury. We have experienced the healing power of plants first hand and are delighted to be doing what we can to spread the word about this amazing charity. Please do head to the website to read the amazing testimonials and the effect that your donations can have.

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