Plant Of The Month: The Sleep Enhancing Sansevieria

Our plant of the month (and the star of our much anticipated December box) needs no introduction; the Sansevieria, aka snake plant, is one of the most notorious houseplants on the block. From its striking appearance, to its hilarious nickname (Mother in law’s tongue… quite fitting for all that family time during the festive period?!) and amazing health benefits, this is one plant that your house can’t do without! 


The striking sword-like geometric leaves of the snake plant, with its stunning stripes, makes it an incredible feature of any room. As much a part of the furniture as it is a living breathing thing. Studies have shown that when placed in a space, the Sansevieria can help to decrease stress and increase productivity, they are also thought to be lucky!


The snake plant is top in its class for its air purifying qualities. In fact it goes one step further. Alongside removing nasty toxins found in common cleaning products (such as formaldehyde) this plant is also one of the most efficient plants out there. Adopting a process (brace for plant nerdiness) called ‘Crassulacean Acid Metabolism’ these plants  do all their photosynthesis night and close their stomata (air vents in their leaves) during the day. Adapted to prevent water loss this process also means that the Sansevieria does all its ‘breathing’ at night, so having one of these next to your bed will ensure high quality air whilst you are catching some Zzzzz’s.


The snake plant is potentially the most idiot proof of the houseplants out there, many have called it indestructible (we wouldn’t go that far) but you get the gist. Its photosynthetic adaptations means it is very water efficient and not needy at all. It’s a perfect plant for beginners, or for people that just want one less thing to worry about. Light isn’t a big issue for the snake plant, which is perfect if you don’t have lots of natural light, and the great thing is that even if it gets a bit neglected its leaves will still look fresh and healthy (I know its a miracle). This plant isn’t great for your pets, so keep on a shelf or place where it is out of reach. 

We are so excited to be bringing our Mind, Body & Soil subscribers a plant that will ensure a nights sleep filled with fresh oxygen this Christmas. Alongside that we have partnered up with some amazing brands like Elemental Herbology and Shearers Candles and crammed over £70 of value into our December box. At time of writing spaces are limited with just 50 spots left so we hope you don’t miss out!

Because Christmas is all about giving, we thought we would give you a 40% discount on your first box, you would be mad not too, plus we reckon some of the products may double up as last minute gifts for the aunty you forgot to buy for (we have got you covered ?)

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