Plant of the month : Alocasia, plant of the gods ?

You’d be forgiven for not having a Scooby what an Alocasia plant is. Unlike the magical aloe or the brilliant banana, this one is a little more under the radar, but by no means any less special. Trust us by the end of this blog you will be clamouring to get your hands on one (hint: we’ve got you covered)  

The Alocasia, also known as Elephant Ear due its delightfully shaped leaves, is a real tropical superstar. Grown in SouthEast Asia, this plant is part of the Arum family,  and will turn your home into its own little rainforest. Its striking leaves, dynamic structure and gorgeous green colour has made it a triumph in the houseplant world, proving particularly popular in interior design. 

Mind – green healing 

As the chillier months close in, and the trees start to look a bit barren, it’s important to keep positive. One way of doing this is by bringing the colour green into your home. Why? Because green is a colour that makes us calmer and function more effectively, soothing the eyes and making us more energised (read our blog on green to find out more) and the great news is this plant is a gorgeous combination of deep greens which will inject that necessary natural dose in to your life. 

Not only will this plant soothe your mind, but the history of the Alocasia plant is equally fascinating, with mythology suggesting that the Alocasia tree can reach all the way up to heaven.. It’s quite a lovely thought to think that this plant is somewhat limitless! 

Body – cleanse your air at home 

The Alocasia isn’t just the hit of green that we need, but it also ranks highly for its air purifying qualities. This means that just having your plant in your living room or bedroom will improve the overall air quality, which is really essential considering how much more time we are spending in our homes (WFH I am constantly surrounded by plants!)  

Soil – the clever green companion 

Not only is this plant THE perfect green companion, but the Alocasia is one smart cookie and will tell you if you are a bit overzealous with your watering. How? It will start to look like it’s sweating, dripping moisture onto the soil, so if this starts to happen, don’t panic, maybe just calm down a bit with the water.  It is important to note that Alocasia is not human or pet friendly. That means keep yer pets and kids away from nibbling this guy… he is purely ornamental.

OK ok, I want one 

Yep we thought so; the great news is that the Alocasia is the tropical super star of this month’s green healer box. Alongside other delightful goodies this box really focuses on nourishing your body and mind through the medium of plants alongside other goodies (check out or insta for one our items in the box.. it’s pretty special).

This box feels particularly relevant for now, and 5% of our total proceeds will go to the wonderful charity MIND. For 25% off our green healer box use the code : GREENHEALING25 at checkout.

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