Plants & Music

Numerous studies have been reported to show that there is a link between playing music to your plants and seeing a response in their growth. This may sound as mad as a box of frogs but one Colarado greenhouse researcher showed that her plants that listened to rock withered and died faster than those who listened to classical, and another researcher played music to one section of his plants and none to the other, and the section that had music played grew greener and thicker. Pretty wild eh? So maybe next time you’ve finished doing your bits and bobs in the garden, pop your feet up, have a gin and tonic and play some tunes to your plants and see what happens. We have actually created a SmartPlant playlist on Spotify if you want a readymade playlist of dulcet tunes that will nudge your plants in the right direction.. so keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of that! In the meantime have a peek at some of these songs that plants are mentioned in … maybe they grow quicker if they hear themselves being mentioned?

Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel

An absolute classic by the dreamy duo Simon & Garfunkel , the line ‘parsley sage rosemary and thyme’ is actually a lovely roll call of some of our favourite herbs to grow so why not give them a go!

Strawberry fields forever by The Beatles

The Beatles couldn’t be more right ! What I would give for strawberry season all year round… good thing it is coming up to strawberry season so we are all in for a treat.

Fields of gold – Sting

Bit of a weepy one by Sting whose crooning vocals sing about fields of Barley. Barley is pretty great to grow and most importantly is used for brewing beer ?

Apples – Lily Allen

This songstress compares her failed marriage to her parents in a metaphor of the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ pretty deep…. anyway apples are really bountiful to grow and absolutely delicious to use in pies and puds.

Lemonade (the Album) by Beyoncé

Ok so maybe she doesn’t necessarily sing the words lemons however this is one of the great Albums and also it’s namesake is a product of one of the greatest citrus fruits out there ?????

Hope you enjoyed this mix and remember to keep those eyes peeled for our playlist!

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