5 Brilliant Planty Podcast

In honour of SmartPlant’s mention in the  ‘On the Ledge’ podcast, I thought I would compile a list of brilliant podcasts that you can listen to whilst pottering around your garden, on your commute to work (!) or as part of your winding down routine. Each podcast is great for different things like getting to know one of gardening’s most famous faces, educating yourself on plants or listening to engaging conversations with some of gardening’s greats!

Desert Island Disc (Monty Don ep)

The best of the best & potentially my favourite podcast of all time, Desert Island Discs does interviewing like no other… Mixing music and memories, this episode delves into the life of the one and only Monty Don. (“The ground is where I am at home and where I belong, like a sailor at sea” is one of my favourite bits).

Curl up with a cuppa and enjoy this one.

On The Ledge

With its pithy musical intro and upbeat host and guests, On The Ledge nails the balance of informative, interesting and fun… Jane Perrone is the woman behind it and she is an absolute powerhouse in the gardening world with extensive horticultural knowledge. Learn all bout how to grow Aloe Vera and discover all kinds of cool houseplants in this great all-rounder!

Sow, Grow, Repeat

Another podcast with Jane Perrone, this is great for placing plants in a cultural context. I especially love their episode in collaboration with the exhibition at the Royal Academy  ‘Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse’. Joined by a great panel this podcast delves into art, gardening and plants and is a fascinating listen.

Cultivating Place

Jennifer Jewell invites fascinating guests to come on her weekly podcast and discuss plants, their effects on their lives and more. What really stands out is an interesting discourse that surrounds gardening and greenery and places them in a wider context. Cultivating places is a plant podcast but also a conversation about how plants and gardens allow positive changes in our world!

Gardener’s Question Time

An oldie but a goldie this is the podcast to listen to if you want to hear a panel of experts discussing and solving gardening issues from the likes of you and me. I find it very relaxing, like listening to the shipping forecast, but it is also very informative and interesting! They have still been recording throughout lockdown and episode 8 of GQT at home takes us on a virtual tour of the Chelsea Garden Show so is worth a listen!

I hope you enjoy some of these and let us know on Instagram if we have missed out your favourite planty podcast!

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