Get your 5 a day with these easy to grow fruit trees

On my daily strolls I have been coming across trees laden with fruit…in London! I’ve even had a fig picked straight from a pal’s tree and it was absolutely delightful. Below are 5 fruit trees that can be grown in containers, making it possible to make a little fruit haven in your garden or balcony! All of these varieties can be grown in UK so why not give them a go! 


There isn’t nothing like a super duper fresh fig! Figs work well in a pot or container, so try and get it in the sunniest spot as possible in your garden, leaving plenty of space for the fig to fan out, ideally with a wall as support. Try and choose a hardy variety of fig meaning in the colder months it should be ok outside. 

Once you have some figs why not try making a fig, goats cheese and honey puff pastry tart! Or just eat them as they are..


I saw a lovely pear tree on my way to the shops yesterday. Pears are actually super easy as once you have them established they don’t need that much looking after throughout the year. You need to find a type of pear that can be grown in a container but once you have just pop in a sunny spot and make sure the soil has enough moisture. 

Once your pears are ready why not try making a delicious pear and frangipani tart? 


A lemon tree can transport you straight to the med, adding lovely colour to your garden or balcony! And yes it is actually possible to grow in the UK! Lemon trees work best in a pot, so in the colder months you can take it inside, but as soon as the weather warms and the sun comes out then pop it straight outside in the sunniest spot! 

Once you lemons have ripened and turned a bright yellow, why not use your home-grown lemons in a cup of hot water and honey for a refreshing beverage! 


A staple in the UK, apples thrive in our climate. If you are looking to grow in a container why not go for a smaller variety so it is a bit more manageable. Try and keep the apple tree in a sunny spot and keep it lightly watered. 

When your apples have grown, why not make your very own home grown home made apple crumble! 


Can be grown in containers if watered and looked after properly, the mulberry tree was popular in Tudor times. The mulberry is pretty tolerant and happy with most soils but try and go for a nutrient rich variety

When you are ready to harvest try making your own mulberry jam! 

Give these fruity numbers a go, it is really wonderful being able to grow and eat your own produce!

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