5 Plants To Help You Sleep Better

We could all do with a better nights sleep. Studies show that a good nights sleep can boost your immune system, make you healthier and improve your mood .

So why not look to nature & try keeping some of these plants in your bedroom. These plants can help aide your rest, from purifying the air to calming scents, this list has got you covered.


A double threat – will look lovely on a bedside table or bookshelf but valerian root has been proven to help aide sleep. A good way to use it is to put a few leaves in your bath or to breathe it in before bed. 

Peace lily

Another beauty, but the peace lily is good for helping you catch some Zzz as it can increase the humidity in your room , meaning you breathe easier and deeper whilst you sleep ( if only it could stop snoring)

Snake plant

The sansevieria is great at purifying the air and removing toxins, which will create a better environment for you to sleep in. Added bonus is that it is also pretty idiot proof so you can let it do it’s thing completely undisturbed.


The oil from lavender is used in aromatherapy for its relaxing and soothing properties which can help make you sleepy. It can help decrease stress levels and clear you mind, all good things before you go to bed! If you have the plant rub it between your palms to release the oils and put some in your bath or rub on your pressure points.

Aloe Vera 

This all rounder is the plant that keeps on giving! Not only does it have the miracle gel in its plump leaves ( see our blog ) but it actively pumps oxygen into the room which will help you have a more refreshing sleep.

We hope these plants not only help you sleep better but add that all important dose of nature into your bedroom! 

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