The Joy Of Summer

After the v wet and wild weather this May I know I can’t be the only one hoping for a sizzling hot summer. 

The arrival of summer is also a blessed relief to people struggling with Seasonal Affect Disorder aka SAD. People with S.A.D are especially sensitive to the seasons and struggle during the darker winter months. This is no surprise as longer days and natural light are instant mood boosters.  

The changing of the seasons not only brings with it a change in mood, but also an explosion of growth and flowers gardens and hedgerows, creating a heady combination of scent and colour. 


Getting as much natural sunlight as possible is fab for your health and your mood (always wear an SPF though!) 

 The sun is a great way to boost your serotonin levels, a chemical that can improve your energy levels and mood. The sun also gives you a heavy dose of vitamin D, aka the sunshine vitamin, which is vital for bone strength and formation. 

Longer days 

As we head towards the longest day in the year it is such a joy to be able to be sitting outside in the embers of 9’oclock and they’re to still be light. The longer days are an instant mood booster; more light means more sunlight and more time in the day to have fun! 

Light treatment is used in treating S.A.D during the winter months with blue lamps, which shows how important it can be for our mental health. 


If our sizzling hot summer doesn’t arrive then don’t panic. You can still replicate the joy of longer days and summer eves with an arrangement of dotted indoor candles, or transform a would be al fresco dinner party with flickering candle light into a magical atmosphere.

Fairy lights, funky candles and lamps are fab ways to bring the joy of light inside and reclaim your home as a space to chill, enjoy and most importantly entertain (when we are allowed to which is hopefully v soon! )

June box

This summer there is a lot to celebrate; an explosion of colours & scents in our parks and gardens, warmer weather and longer evenings and the relaxation of restrictions.

Our June box is all about celebrating this and giving you the goods to create an idyllic summer eve with friends and family. 

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