World Mental Health Day 2020 : What we are doing?

Today is a very special day. Not only is it, poignantly, World Mental Health Day but we have a special announcement about what we are putting into our next box to try and bring some positivity into the households of our subscribers. We are thrilled to be working with the author of a very fine book (SPOILER ALERT…REVEALED BELOW) which is embedded in the Mind, Body & Soil’s team reading list and we are convinced that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

A Depressing Truth

World Mental Health day has never been more relevant. COVID-19 has not only had a devastating effect on people’s bodies, but has also had a dramatic effect on the minds of us all.

It’s no surprise that feelings of anxiety and depression have soared during this crisis, doubling in young adults this year as a result of COVID-19. The virus has created loss, economic instability and an uncertainty that seems to grow each day.

Whilst this is obviously an upsetting truth, and we hate to be spreaders of doom and gloom, one of the most important things with any mental ailment is to recognise them in yourselves and react wherever you can. If that means talking to someone about it, going for a run, speaking to your GP, going for a walk or taking up a (preferably green) hobby then the smallest of steps can have dramatic differences.

What We Are Doing About It

At Mind, Body and Soil we look to plants & nature as the way to give you a release. Learning, understanding and nurturing plants has tangible benefits on both your mind and your body.

This sentiment couldn’t be better summed up by a very special book ‘The Well Gardened Mind’ by Sue Stuart-Smith. This book is equal parts hopeful and pragmatic, drawing on science, phycology, physiology and beautiful real-life stories to highlight the benefits of plants and nature not only to us as individuals but also at broader social levels.

It is a fascinating insight into how going out for a walk in the park, tending to a veg patch or getting your hands dirty can have real tangible benefits to your mental health. It is equal parts wondrous and comforting to know that help can be found in nature. 

SPOILER ALERT – The Green Healer Box

Even the slightest introduction of nature and plants into your day-to-day can have a massive effect on your personal positivity and mental health and this is something we aim to bring to you with each and every one of our boxes.

We are so thrilled to announce that we have been working behind the scenes to get a stunning hardback copy of Sue’s book (thanks Sue!) in our next green healer box, along with a number of things that will allow you to get your hands dirty and cleanse your mind as soon as you get your box. Whilst we dont usually reveal our box contents before our box day, we couldn’t resist telling you about this exciting addition to our next box on such a relevant day as today.

We hope that it brings you the joy and hope that it brought us. Alongside some other green goodies, 5% of our profits will go to Mind to help them continue to offer their uncompromised efforts to support those in need before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We really have pulled out all the stops with our next box. It is packed with value and planty delights, we have no doubt that you will love it!

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