4 Ways To Improve Your WFH Routine

I’m sorry, this is another blog about lockdown.

The fact that we are all so bored of the status quo has come to manifest itself in our approach to it. According to studies there has been a massive shift in behaviour as a result of lockdown fatigue and winter weather. Less time is being spent exercising, doing hobbies and volunteering and more is being spent watching TV and working more.

With light at the end of the tunnel it is worth pushing yourself to keep up those routines you established almost a year ago.

We all love a routine and once you have them up and running life seems to flow a bit better…the trick is establishing them.

My journey to work involves walking down 3 stairs and getting into a solid routine that breaks up your day and keeps you invigorated has a) never been harder and b) never been more important. From the simple things like making your bed and getting out of your pyjamas to ones that require a bit more determination like setting aside time for yourself within a day, we wanted to delve into what you can do to benefit from a solid routine from the confines of your own home.

The space you live in is important – creating a harmonious and clean space can be a game changer when it comes to how your routine works.  Small things like shutting your laptop and putting it away as the working day comes to an end or going for a run are all great ways to mark the end of the working day, putting some metaphorical space between the working and rest. 

But what are the other ways to break up your routine and exercise your brain in a way that leaves you feeling refreshed, without having to leave the house?  

Try a crossword or puzzle  

Tasks like puzzles & crosswords are great as they stimulate both the right and left side of your brain. The right side of your brain is creative and emotional and the left is logical and objective. Using both of these together can improve cognitive function and concentration levels, which can take your mind off daily stresses and give your brain that all important reset. Lets be honest it is also so satisfying  when your get the final clue or fit the final piece of the puzzle! You can try this in your lunch break as a way to switch your mind to different tasks, or curl up with a tea and a puzzle on the weekend to really settle down to it.

Become a plant parent

 Not only do they bring the outside in, but also as a living beings, plants need care and attention. Incorporating plant care into your routine can be a nourishing and engaging way to spend some time each day as it gives you a sense of purpose. Caring for your plants is a mindful action, as the tasks of watering and taking care consumes us, allowing daily worries and stresses to take a back seat. So if you are feeling stressed or fatigued at the end of the day, take a moment to check your plants, give them a water, a trim or a spritz but the act of it can be a soothing way to signal relaxation time!

 Read a good book 

Realistically the majority of us are staring at a screen all day, whether that’s on a computer, laptop or on the phone, it feels like we spend all day with technology and it can be exhausting for our eyes and brains.Whilst it is tempting to pop on a series straight after work, a lovely way to unwind and relax is to switch it up and get stuck into a good book.  Not only is this relaxing for your eyes, but reading can help improve your memory, stimulate your brain and learn something new. Getting lost in a book can give your mind a break from work.

Perhaps give yourself an hour of screen free time a day to start…curl up with a book, pen and paper or even just with yourself and enjoy some you time.

Think about a restyle

Style, decor and paint colours are, of course, personal preference…however if you are thinking of switching up your home then you can certainly apply some science to your selections. 

Long wavelength colours such as reds, oranges and yellows are stimulating whereas short wavelength colours like greens (read our article about the colour green here), blues and purples are soothing and it has even been shown that the colour blue can help with cognitive tasks. So do have a think about how the space you are now both living and working in, makes you feel and whether it it finally time to try a bold new lick of paint.

Our upcoming Home Comforts box looks to tie together all of the above elements and help you help yourself. Our subscription boxes are designed to give you a moment of calm and our Home Comforts box will add all of the elements you could possibly need to the cosy snug in your home.

Remember, as hard as it might be dont give up on the small things that make your day brighter!

spot the clues for this months goodies !

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