Brain Food

Crosswords, Sudoku’s, mental math’s… all things we know exercise your brain and keep it in shape, but lets be honest, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. 

However, did you know that cooking can be just as good for your brain as these number crunching, wordy games are? Plus you get a delicious meal out if too, sounds like a win-win to us! The term ‘Kitchen therapy’ has been used in recent years to describe the wonderful benefits of cooking. 


Look at your kitchen as your brain workout spot. From deciding on what your going to eat, to getting the ingredients and then cooking the meal, your brain is having to work different areas; both the logical and numerical driven left hand side and creative and expressive right hand side.

Planning and measuring ingredients not only improves organizational skills but it can also be incredibly soothing and relaxing for your brain. Just like how in cold-water swimming you forget daily stresses, having to focus on the measurements and quantities can also be as equally distracting. 

Rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into the chopping, stirring or kneading (like when making pasta ? ) are great ways to release stress and concentrate on something repetitive giving your brain a mini work out and bringing you one step closer to a yummy meal. 

Cooking not only gives your brain a boost but it also helps with your mental health and mindfulness. Focusing on the small actions and rituals that take place in the kitchen, the sounds of things sizzling and bubbling or smelling the delicious aromas, can be a great way to transport you to a happy place. Practicing mindfulness and taking the time to just focus on the task at hand lets your daily stresses melt away. 


Brain food is also the actual food you consume; plenty of fresh veg and fish can help feed the most important muscle in our body. 

Why not try and grow some fresh produce, whether that’s a herb garden on your windowsill or a veg patch in a allotment or garden, getting down and dirty with your produce makes it all the sweeter when you finally get to eat and cook with it. Feeling connected to the food we eat and the way we eat it is a great start in living a healthier, happier life. 

We couldn’t sing the praises enough of getting stuck into the kitchen, and our La Dolce Vita box will give you the tools to use your hands and your brain to make a truly delicious meal from scratch. 

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